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Grande Prairie and Area’s Eco-Friendly Yard, Landscaping and Snow Maintenance company


Roc Dog Contracting Ltd is proud to offer our commercial customers the top quality and value in commercial landscaping and lawn care services.

Are you a business looking to keep your property looking the best?

Parking Lot Cleanup

Spring & Fall Green Space Clean

Weed Control & Spraying

Lease Maintenance

Landscaping & Sod Installation

Concrete/Asphalt Work

Fence Installation & Repair

Exterior Pressure Washing

Junk & Garbage Removal

Stone / Brick, Masonry Work

Commercial Work

Why we are different

Roc Dog Contracting Ltd strives to be the forerunner in our industry ready to apply new techniques and technology to improve production and quality of work safety. We also want to minimize any environmental impact incurred by our operations.


Justin Fraser

Justin Fraser


We are a growing team and have a great workforce and our team takes pride in everything we do. If you would like to join the ROC Dog Contracting crew, contact us today!


Roc Dog Contracting Ltd is proud to offer our residential customers the top quality and value in residential landscaping and lawn care services.

Are you a homeowner or property manager looking to keep your residential property looking the best? Tired of that lawn never being green?

Have pets? We offer spring clean up and our ice melt products are all pet safe. So you never have to worry about your furry friends or little ones with toxic chemicals.

Lawn Mowing & Overseeding

Spring & Fall Cleanup

Weed Control & Fertilizing

Eaves Trough Cleaning

Flower Bed, Landscaping & Sod Installation

Shrub & Hedge Trimming

Fence Installation & Repair

Tree Planting & Removal

Junk & Garbage Removal

Stone / Brick, Masonry Work

Residential Work

From Our Clients
“I have a bunch of lower back issues and when I woke up to a driveway full of snow I knew I wasn’t up to the task of shovelling it out, with one quick call to Justin he had me put into the rotation of what I’m sure was already a very busy day, by the time I got home my driveway was cleared and widened. Extremely pleased with the job that was done for a very fair price, I will certainly be calling Justin and his team again for the next time I need to save my back from hours of shovelling.”
Evan Byrne

Roc Dog Saves everybody from winter. Not only do they clear snow for so many, they rescued me tonight. I got passed by someone in the whiteout snow on my way back from wembley and Justin Fraser and another fellow pulled my truck out, helped me get back home, and even made a convoy with serious lighting to help me and several others on the road. Home safe tonight thanks to these guys, and able to do business tomorrow. Thank you so much!
Mark Allen

We live on a acreage and have had Justin come plow our drive way and yard all winter. He does a awesome job and for a very good price. I would recommend Roc Dog Contracting Ltd to anyone. It always looks so neat and tidy after he leaves
Monica Jones

5* Facebook Review

I HIGHLY recommend Justin and his team!!
Roc Dog Contracting has completed multiple landscaping projects for our company and now takes care of our ice and snow removal.
It was easy to build a good relationship with Justin – who listens to what needs to be done and follows through with excellence! His team is hard working, friendly and professional.
Pricing is fair and work is well done, on time and warrantied.
It’s such a relief to have a contractor that you don’t have to worry about – they just get the job done!
Thank you Roc Dog Contracting 
Kelly Newbury

5* Facebook Review


Easy Hand Spreading

  • Contains calcium chloride – the best Ice Melter ingredient – best combination of speed and duration in ice melting.
  • Generates heat and brine quickly for a synergistic effect to make other ingredients perform better and improves effective temperature of Yukon Gold to – 31ºC.
  • Safe to use: Calcium chloride is used extensively in the environment by highways departments for de-icing and dust control (gravel roads); it is also used as fertilizer in agriculture, and as a food additive – a safe and proven ingredient.
  • Environmentally inert Blue marker shows were product is applied and reduces the incidence of over-application.
  • Dye is water-soluble and UV sensitive dye – leaves no colour residue on concrete or flooring.

Packages come in 20 kg Bags 

  • Easy re-sealing prevents spills and preserves product.

Safe to Use

  • Flake will not harm vegetation, properly air-entrained concrete or pets when used as directed. Beware of ice melter brands that claim complete safety to plants. Any Ice Melter can harm plants with over application.

Local. 46 Lawn. Fertilizer.

Nitro Boost contains the highest amount of nitrogen on the market, and still safe to apply directly to your lawn because the nitrogen is stabilized.  Stabilized nitrogen reduces the release of plant food for up to 45 days making it very efficient.  This will produce a very deep green colour, and produce broader, thicker blades of grass.

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