Commercial Landscaping Maintenance GRANDE Prairie

Taking care of your business's property can be a challenge. Let us help.


Roc Dog is proud to provide businesses in the Grande Prairie area with superior landscape maintenance services. Let our knowledgeable and efficient team keep your landscape in perfect health and shape. From office buildings, to storefronts, we can breathe life into any landscape by thinking outside the box and providing unique concepts and ideas.

We supply all the materials and designs to get the job done efficiently and give you the most value for your money. 

We proudly offer the following commercial landscape maintenance services in Grande Prairie:

Seasonal Spring & Fall Cleaning: As a business, it’s important to lead with your best foot forward, and your landscape is no different. Our spring cleaning process involves trimming, mowing, de-thatching, aerating, and edging around the sidewalk. This promotes better oxygenation to your plants’ roots and allows nutrients and water to be more easily accessible to them. We also replenish your nutrient levels and get your entire landscape ready for the winter months at the end of the season.

Liquid Fertilizer: With our high-quality slow release fertilizer, your plants will have a steady delivery of the nutrients they need to flourish. See the difference an application of our liquid fertilizer can make for the health and look of your landscape.

Lawn Mowing: Let us keep the lawn around your business in immaculate shape and health. No more overgrown edges or dry patches. We have the tools and knowledge to seamlessly maintain a beautiful appearance and promote healthy growth.

Pruning & Tree Removal: Healthy and well-maintained trees can bring an inviting touch to your landscape. Our experts maintain the optimal shape and density for your plants to thrive and look their best. We will also be happy to help with efficient removal of any dead trees or tree limbs on your property.

Weed Control & Spraying: With our weed control service, we make sure your landscape isn’t ruined by unwanted species. We stay consistent so there’s a decreased need to fight weeds overtime, saving you time and money.

Don’t hesitate and contact us today to discuss setting up a regular maintenance with one of our team members. We would be happy to hear from you and work with you to set up a schedule that works for your business's budget!

Parking Lot Cleanup & Line Painting: We offer a variety of line painting services for your parking lot, and we also clean them too! If you have too much debris from winter grit, or perhaps it's just really muddy where you're at, we can clean it up in no time.

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