Having a great lawn is something to be proud of, we can help.


Your lawn can either be a source of great pride or endless frustration. Here at ROC Dog, we offer premium lawn care services in Grande Prairie, to create a green and lush oasis for your residential area. Our team of experts can help you achieve and maintain peak health and appearance of your lawn.

Here are some ways we guarantee our law care results:

Seed: We always carefully select the right type of seed for your environment and desired care level.
Sod: Our experienced team will give you all the necessary information to decide on the type of sod you need along with the details of our prep, installation and maintenance process. We supply everything you need to ensure proper installation and efficient maintenance. 

Fertilizer: We apply the necessary nutrient-rich fertilizer to help feed your lawn over the entirety of the year. Our fertilizer contains all the necessary nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium that your lawn requires to stay healthy and looking beautiful. These macro-nutrients are often missing in the natural soil and therefore need to be supplemented. We supply the right type of fertilizers to help establish and maintain your sod.

Composting: While fertilizer feeds your lawn directly, compost helps achieve the optimal health and nutrient levels for your soil. Our composts can be used to amend any type of soil, no matter the quality, so your sod grows healthier and more vigorously.

Topsoil: Our Grande Prairie customers can achieve easier weeding, aeration, and better water retention in your soil by adding 4″ to 6″ of topsoil to your lawn area. This further improves the look and health of your lawn.

Contact us today and speak to one of our knowledgeable staff members about your lawn care needs. We would be happy to design a service that works best for your needs and budget!  

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