Don't break your back shoveling snow this year, get Roc Dog to do it for you!

Residential Snow Removal Services In Grande Prairie

ROC Dog provides fast and dependable snow removal, snow clearing and ice management services to the Grande Prairie area. A bad snowstorm can cause a variety of hazards and leave your home inaccessible by car or foot. Let us take care of clearing your roadway, driveway and sidewalk. When we’re done, we’ll also haul away the snow. Our dependable equipment includes snow wings, sanders, sweepers, loaders and sectional plows, which are controlled by experienced operators. We will work efficiently to save you both time and money on your snow removal service. Just sit back in the comfort of your home while we efficiently clear away the snow and ice!

Residential Driveways: Why spend all of your free time shoveling snow from your driveway? Whether you’re going out of town and want to avoid a large snow pile-up, or you need help after a major storm, our crew is on call to assist you with any now snow clearing job.

Snow Plowing: With our customizable schedules, ROC Dog delivers exactly the snow plowing support you require. No matter what weather you see throughout the winter months, we can handle your needs and nothing can stand in our way!

Snow Hauling: The last thing you want is a snow pile creating ice and taking up space in your yard. Our fleet of loaders and dump trucks can haul away any excess snow from your property quickly and efficiently.

Snow Removal Grande Prairie

Sand & Gravel Freezing: rain or fluctuating temperatures can cause a buildup of ice. We supply sand and gravel to be added over any icy surface and provide necessary tracking for you to get around safely.

Ice Control: If you need to get rid of ice buildup, our ice melt is the perfect environmentally safe solution. It contains calcium chloride, which is the best combination as far as the melting speed and duration of its lasting effect. Calcium chloride is also pet safe, used widely for de-icing and as a safe and proven soil fertilizer. It can safely be applied to driveways, sidewalks and stairs without worrying about your furry loved ones being exposed to harmful chemicals.

Contact us to find out more about our residential snow removal service in Grande Prairie. We would be happy to discuss your snow removal needs and come up with a strategy that best fits your household and budget.  

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